Monday, February 22, 2010

Graduate Students & New Professionals Updates

On behalf of the Graduate Students and New Professionals Committee at NCPH, I'd like to welcome my fellow graduate students (and those who recently transitioned from grad school to the "real world") to the conference and the blog.

A couple of quick updates:

  • If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the FAQ list we've put together for the conference. Our committee put this together to help first-time attendees understand the scope of the conference, how to arrive ready to put your best foot forward, and how to become involved in this year's and next year's conferences.
  • The Graduate Student Reception is being moved to Grand Ballroom II. This is a change from what has been printed in the pre-conference literature (Alexander Lounge). Because we're a large group (often approaching 30% of overall attendance), we just need more space. The change is too late to update in the printed program, so we'll also be posting flyers and using Twitter and Facebook to remind conference attendees of the change. We're excited that this year's reception is for both NCPH and ASEH graduate students.
  • Speaking of Twitter, the conference hashtag is #ncph2010. Feel free to use it (and check it) for updates on the conversations happening around the conference--everything from real-time reactions to speakers, panels, and workshops to on-the-fly announcements of after-hours socializing.
One role of our committee is to make sure that graduate students and new professionals feel welcome at the conference. I'll be posting here later to let folks know about other events for graduate students and new professionals; we'll also have ribbons on our nametags to make us easy to identify--once I know what color, I'll be sure to update here. Don't hesitate to find us and introduce yourselves.

By the way, my name is Leah Nahmias and I serve as the chair of the Graduate Students and New Professionals Committee. I graduated from Brown University's Public Humanities program last spring and recently started working at the American Social History Project. Feel free to ask questions (leah_nahmiasATyahooDOTcom)!

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