Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Luncheon Dine Around for Graduate Students and Young Professionals

Please join Elizabeth Goetsch and Heather Bailey at our Dine-Around lunch for grad student/early professionals on the Thursday the 11th from 1pm to 3pm, "Working for the Man: Employed by Government Agencies." The lunch session is designed for graduate students and young professionals who have worked with a government agency (either currently or in the past): SHPO, NPS, NFS, FWS, BLM, etc. We will meet in the lobby at 12:45 and head over the the Three Lions Bakery for lunch.

Heather Bailey is finishing her PhD in Public History from Middle Tennessee State and just started a job as a State & National Register Historian for Colorado. Elizabeth Goetsch is completing her MA in History at Middle Tennessee and works as a park ranger for the Stones River National Battlefield. Since Thursday is the full of grad student/new professional topics and activities, we wanted to gather together all those breaking into the public history side of government agency work. See you at the conference!


  1. Does "work with"=work for or can it mean you worked for a non-profit that worked "with" SHPO? Basically I would like to tag along.

    I live in Portland here is my blog:

  2. Your perspective would be welcome!