Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pre-conference Environmental History Forum gets things underway!

My organization at PSU (The Friends of History)  was one of the co-sponsors that presented  the Environmental History Forum held at Portland State University on March 9, 2010.

As the pre-event to the 2010 Conference, the Forum attracted  an overflow audience of interested students, conference attendees, faculty, historians, environmentalists and the general public. William Cronon, James Feldman and Nancy Langston did an excellent job during the forum of giving  the audience a foretaste of the exciting new issues in environmental history,  and a hint of the intellectual discourses and elucidating insights that the 2010 Annual meeting "Currents of Change" promises to deliver over the next few days.

The moderator for the Forum was PSU History Professor Bill Lang, the Chair of the ASEH and NCPH Local Arrangements Committee whose hard work has made this convocation of Historians in Portland possible.  We can't wait for the Annual Meeting to commence!

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